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Sex and the City fans were stunned when it was recently leaked that Kim Cattrall would finally be making her debut in And Just Like That… for a (brief) cameo in season 2. But if you can’t wait until the episode airs in August, you can also see the Samantha actress in Netflix’s new series Glamorous – in which she stars as a cosmetics mogul and former supermodel alongside her protege, played by MissBenny – which drops on today, 22nd June.


What’s Glamorous About?

Glamorous, as Netflix describes, centres on Marco Mejia (Miss Benny), a gender non-conforming queer man who has dreams of working in the beauty and fashion biz, but he hasn’t had much success- that is, until he’s hired for a job at cosmetics company. It’s no ordinary business either, since it’s run by the legendary and revered mogul Madolyn Addison (Cattrall), who was previously a hugely successful model. As Marco steps up to the daunting task of working toe to toe with the makeup guru, he ponders what he really wants to be in life, and his own queer identity.


The Cast of Netflix’s Glamorous

Miss Benny and Cattrall are joined by Zane Phillips (Fire Island) as Chad, Jade Payton (Daybreak) as Venetia, Ayesha Harris (Daisy Jones & the Six) as Britt, and Michael Hsu Rosen (Tiny Pretty Things) as Ben.

The show’s trailer gives a bit more insight into who Marco is as a person: posting makeup tutorials on social media, and waiting for his big break. “You’ve gotta join the real world,” a colleague tells him as she tells him she’s got him the coveted job position.

Despite getting off on the wrong foot with Madolyn (“Do I bow?” “Please don’t”) the two soon get to work reinventing the cosmetics industry with Madolyn’s respected Glamarous brand. But it’s a wholly smooth ride: Marco struggles to keep a lid on all everything, is doubted by people at the company (including Madolyn’s cynical son) and might even fall in love.

Madolyn keeps him under her watchful eye, especially since she feels that he might be the key to revitalising the brand, which, while still prestigious, has been declining commercially. Both look like they’ll learn something from each other, even if “this business isn’t all glitter and glamour.”


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