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She has the enchantment of Canadian Indian tribes mixed with the confident attitude of the British aristocracy. 
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In a cute yet captivating play on contrasts by DSquared2 : an ode to America’s native tribes meets the noble spirit of Old Europe by the Catan Brothers. c Magical yet mysterious tribal influences moulded with strong royal references in a bold, quite eccentric aesthetic collection of revealing luxurious materials and high-end, artisanal details.
Dean & Dan added graphic patterns that injected a folkloristic feel into a hooded fur intarsia coat and Gold thread details inspired by livery uniforms surface on various garments. Dresses also walked with delicate drapes held a chic Victorian undergarment vibe.
Geometric motifs with an indigenous flair give a twist to the wool maxi ponchos and blanket skirts.
The dark color palette of regal English livery is juxtaposed with the warm tones of a Canadian earthy autumnal forest.
Mesmerising collection by the Canadian born Twins.

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