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Today, on International Women’s Day b-corp brand, Shakti Ellenwood has launched the first piece from her upcoming capsule collection – The Divine Feminine. The collection is set to be completed by the end of the year, will feature seven jewels to represent the seven archetypes of women.

Jewel one; The Lilith ring. Launching today March 8th, Shakti took to Instagram to explain that she felt “the idea for a vulva ring was floating around in the ether just waiting for someone to run with it.” She adds; “This ring kept persistently knocking on my door of ideas until I realised that the universe wanted this ring to be birthed into the world and had chosen me to make it.”shakti-ellenwood-debuts-vulva-ring-internatioal-womens-dayThis ring has multiple layers of meaning. Firstly, she symbolises female empowerment and the joy and pleasure we receive from our sexual energy. However, the design also highlights women’s struggles and has beencreated to reclaim the shame we have felt of our vulvas and vaginas that has been laid upon us through the centuries.

The hand-stamped lines around the ring are symbolic of the term ‘notches on the bedpost’; they represent all the times women have been used for sex, all the sexual assault that has been put upon us, the sexual abuse, the many ways in which women have been harmed and shamed because of their sexuality.

The ten CanadaMark diamonds around the vulva represent all the babies that never entered this world. They have become stars in the sky. The diamonds also represent the strength of women often born from painful heart wrenching experiences such as miscarriage. The ruby, the colour of the root chakra, set upside down, represents the life-giving blood. This is our strength and power; now is the time to claim our divine goddess energy.

Ellenwood named the ring Lilith because, according to ancient Jewish mythology, she was Adam’s first wife, but she left Adam and the Garden of Eden because he wanted her to be subservient to him and she refused. “Lilith is often represented as a hag, a devil an evil seductress but many believe she was a powerful female who knew her strength and value. and was not afraid of her divine sexual energy.”

Discover the Shakti Ellenwood collection here

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