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Amidst the ongoing discourse surrounding Margot Robbie’s Oscar-worthy portrayal of Barbie, the labyrinthine intricacies of award criteria and the film industry’s competitive landscape come sharply into focus. But just no wins this award season for Robbie – and now no Oscar nomination, who is to really blame?


The internet is up in arms over the wide debate around the surrounding and deservingness of an Oscar for Australian actress, Margot Robbie’s portrayal as plastic but, fantastically loved Barbie delves into the nuanced intricacies of award criteria and the competitive landscape within the film industry. While Robbie’s performance garnered widespread acclaim from audiences and significantly contributed to positive representation, yielding an impressive box office revenue of $1.446 billion, the recognition bestowed by the Oscars transcends mere popularity or cultural resonance. The revered award underscores exceptional talent (no pun to Billie Eilish who won for Best Score at Golden Globes for the same movie), emphasising key facets such as the depth of characterisation, emotional range, and the actor’s adeptness in breathing life into a character with transformative and nuanced prowess. Notwithstanding the commendable aspect of portraying a role model, it does not inherently catapult a performance to the pinnacle required for an Oscar.

In a statement shared to CBS, the BBC’s US media partner, Ryan Gosling expressed deep gratitude for his nomination, articulating, “I am profoundly honored to be nominated by my esteemed colleagues alongside such extraordinary artists in a year marked by an array of outstanding films.” Concurrently, Gosling acknowledged the pivotal contributions of Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie, branding them as “the two individuals most instrumental in the making of this historically significant, globally-celebrated film.” Expressing disappointment over their absence from the nominations, Gosling underscored their indispensable talent, grit, and genius. This prompts a contemplation on the essence of an Oscar-worthy performance. 

For Robbie, ultimately seeking recognition from industry peers and friends for her outstanding work she was paid for assumes paramount importance. Herein lies the conundrum, as fervent fan reactions intensify dramatically. The authentic selection process entails the discreet voting of members within the Academy, comprising seasoned industry professionals across diverse branches such as actors, directors, writers, and more. The acknowledgment of an Oscar-winning performance signifies a collective consensus within the industry, attesting that the actor’s work has transcended and distinguished itself amidst the cinematic tapestry of the year.

This narrative simultaneously prompts contemplation regarding Greta Gerwig’s imperative need for another nomination to fortify her standing as one of the preeminent figures in her field. Such scrutiny lays bare the inherent subjectivity and potential biases intertwined with the Oscar selection process, unveiling broader patterns of acknowledgment within the industry. The Oscars’ occasional predisposition towards specific genres or types of performances introduces an additional layer of complexity to the evaluation of Robbie’s Barbie portrayal and raises pertinent questions regarding the overall impartiality of the nomination process. Ultimately, the decision to bestow an Oscar is multifaceted, intricately woven with considerations of critical acclaim, industry dynamics, and an actor’s capacity to distinguish themselves within the fiercely competitive cinematic milieu.

So will Margot turn up on March 10th to the 94th Academy Awards to support her co-stars? Is she “trained to stand confidently” as Ken notably quoted? Let’s see.

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