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Kim Seybert is one of the most internationally recognised tabletop designers in the world. Seybert founded her company on the firm belief that just as beautiful clothes are made to be worn, beautiful pieces can be made for the table. With Thanksgiving is on its way, chat to Kim on her tips to create the most instagrammable table this holiday.

CT: Should we keep in mind any color themes?

KS: The great thing about designing a table is you can play with any color scheme as long as there are other elements in the design that connect with the holiday or occasion. To keep the table feeling classic and traditional I always use reds, greens and golds. These iconic colors instantly make a table feel like it’s Christmas. 

CT: Where do you get your inspiration from?

KS: Inspiration often comes to me in unexpected places, especially when I’m traveling. I love finding vintage fabrics such as an Ikat in red and green, and designing around it. When setting a table, I find inspiration in who I’m setting it for. I love incorporating elements that I know my guests will enjoy and if there will be kids at the table, I make sure it is fun and whimsical.  

CT: What are the top trends you are featuring this holiday for table décor? 

KS: The top trends I’m loving this season are a traditional Christmas, winter metallics and a tropical holiday.  I always design a full assortment of red, green and gold for a traditional Christmas style which is always on trend. It’s the one time of year to really go all out and embrace the theme. One item that will definitely be on my table is a fun ribbon candy napkin ring in the shape of a Christmas tree. Another trend that I love is holiday metallics. Winter is the perfect time to play with all silver or a mix of silver and golds.  Metallics are great because they work for any holiday party before and after Christmas, especially New Years. An unexpected trend this season is a tropical holiday theme in blush and mint. I’m really looking forward to this setting to bring some sunshine when it’s cold outside. 

CT: Any top tips on the art of table dressing?  

KS: I’m inspired by finding a beautiful fabric or textile to use as a tablecloth and then build my design from there. When designing a centerpiece, I love using items that I find in my travels and incorporating them into the design. It’s a great conversation starter and brings a memory to life. 

CT: What you think of the “less is more” quote? 

KS: I really love to mix it up and enjoy both an over-the-top table and a simple one. There are times when I love the serenity of a clean table, but I often do this when I’m entertaining in the city. 

CT: What is your New Year’s resolution? 

KS: That’s an easy one! After 8 months of lock down, cooking and drinking more than usual I’m ready to get back to exercise and fitness.

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