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Shopping for preloved items are not longer just about saving money or scoring a limited-edition item you missed out on. It’s also driven by a desire to shop more ethically and to become more sustainable. But just what are the reason to buy pre-loved in the future?


This has already been mentioned but having the option to buy pre-loved clothing or accessories will mean that your carbon footprint will be drastically reduced. You’ll be doing your bit to reverse climate change.


If you buy an item by Hermes or Dolce & Gabbana, you’re going to treasure it. You’re going to really think about what works with your wardrobe, and buy an item designed to be worn all the time. With fashion like this, you’ll soon find that you have fewer clothes in your wardrobe, but that you have no need for anymore. Minimalism means sustainable.


Knowing that your clothes have been ethically sourced, are made from sustainable materials, and are also pre-loved will make you feel good about your choices. So much so, that you’ll never doubt buying a luxury garment ever again. If you buy clothing from a consignment store, you are making a choice to reject fast fashion and support clothing bought with sustainability in mind. Luxury fashion might seem decadent, but when you buy pre-loved, you are buying an item that will be a wardrobe staple for years. 

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