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Sustainable luxury jewellery brand Lark & Berry has launched a collection of direct-to-consumer engagement ring options to meet their increasing customer demand. Lark & Berry is the first brand in the world to offer diamonds for engagement rings made in the UK with 100% renewable energy. 

The brand offers a selection of designs and will work with every customer for a customisable experience, in which the rings can be chosen with various metals such as 18K gold and platinum—and choose from stone sizes ranging from 0.5ct up to 5 carats. Prices start at £1,950 for a 0.5ct ring and £3,850 for a 1ct ring. Customers can choose from a wide range of different cuts ranging from the classic round to princess, emerald and cushion cuts among others. Lark & Berry will continue to offer bespoke engagement ring services for customers who don’t wish to choose from the launching range’s pre-made designs.

“Basically, right since our launch in 2018, luxury fans have been asking us for engagement rings,” states Lark & Berry founder Laura Chavez. “At Lark & Berry, we very much champion cultured diamonds jewellery as the “now” option that allows independent women and men to gift themselves—but of course, when wedding bells begin to chime in our fans’ lives, we want to be there for them, as they have demanded, to give them the exact cultured diamonds rings they desire to compliment their everlasting love for their partners.”

“For these new cultured diamond engagement rings, I’m thrilled to announce that our customers can choose diamonds made in a UK lab that grows them with 100% renewable energy. It’s amazing to see that diamond labs are always moving to become the most sustainable they can be, and it is only a matter of time before all labs use most if not all of their energy from renewable sources. This debunks the argument that a lab grown diamond produces more carbon emissions than mining for one does; an argument the mining industry has been trying to push recently. A cultured diamond will always be the most sustainable, ethical and eco-friendly option when it comes to diamonds.”

Pictured: A selection of Lark & Berry‘s engagement ring designs, all truly customisable. 

Lark & Berry’s new engagement rings will be available online, in its Marylebone, London flagship store as well as by appointment in the Central district of Hong Kong.

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