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Stella McCartney and Bolt Threads are certainly not strangers. They have previously partnered with Stella McCartney on the Microsilk™ project, then again with Mylo™ and more recently on the Frayme Mylo™️ project that introduces a handbag made from Mycelium.

What is Mycelium? Mycelium grows underground in the soil. It forms vast networks of threads that help recycle organic matter on the forest floor while providing nutrients to plants and trees. The threads interweave and self-assemble into a 3D matrix that can spread for miles.

In 2018, Stella McCartney’s Mylo™ made its debut. It was a modern take on leather grown from Mycelium. It took about 5,000 iterations or so before they could transform Mycelium into Mylo before introducing the bag was constructed entirely from Bolt Threads’ Mylo™ material. Finally, in May 2022, introduced the Frayme Mylo™️, a handbag crafted from Mycelium and first launched at the Summer 2022 runway show

“The Frayme Mylo™️ is handcrafted by Italian artisans; we have trained to work with Mylo™️ – an innovative and incredibly realistic vegan alternative to animal leather”, explained the Stella McCartney team. 

Boasting a rounded design and leather grown in Bolt Threads lab, the bag also features a recyclable aluminium chain and medallion, making the bag immediately recognisable as a Stella icon. 

A verified vegan alternative to animal leather, lab-grown leather has attracted a lot of attention in the past few years, especially from luxury brands. Although there is still room for improvement, many are still drawn in by its soft, supple, and significantly lower environmental impact.

The limited number of bags will be available exclusively at Stella McCartney stores. With a long term plan to introduce more colours, the bag will form part of the brand’s seasonal collections starting in 2023.

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