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Forget Tinder or Match.com, if you were a child in the 1980’s then Love Hearts sweets were the only tool you needed to see if you and your true love were meant to be. If the object of your affection offered you one of the slightly sharp-tasting little circles with something positive written on, like ‘Be Mine’ or ‘For Keeps’ on then you were in.

Love Hearts have been a staple in any sweet shop or shelf for many years. They are made by Swizzels Matlow; a company that has been around in one form or another since 1928, when brothers Alfred and Maurice Matlow opened a jelly sweet making factory in Canning Town, East London. 

But this Valentine’s Day, what better way to celebrate your loved ones other than the Origin 31 collaboration with one of the world’s most famous sweet brand? The ready to wear pieces by the British jewellery brand focuses on the phrases ‘Love You,’ ‘Be Mine,’ ‘Marry Me’ and ‘Bestie’ – now when love is more important than ever, what more could we need to show a sweet sign of affection, especially in 2021?

Shop our favourite five below and order in time for Valentine’s Day!

Origin 31 x Love Hearts Love You Necklace, £590.00

Shop this item hereOrigin 31 x Love Hearts One Love Diamond Ring, £450.00

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Origin 31 x Love Hearts Love Hearts Be Mine Necklace, £590.00 

Shop this item here

Origin 31 x Love Hearts Love You Charm, £480.00

Shop this item hereOrigin 31 x Love Hearts Marry Me Ring, £590.00

Shop this item here

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