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Jewellery designer, Kimberly McDonald launched in 2007 in New York City, following Kimberly’s career as a curator of private clients’ fine jewellery collections.  Composing collections left a mark on her, sparking the creation of a brand where every one-of-a-kind piece carries a story and invites connection. The Kimberly McDonald collection has received overwhelming support and recognition from editors, stylists and celebrities alike. To count First Lady Michelle Obama, Joan Burstein, Cindy Crawford and Cameron Diaz as loyalists is a privilege. We caught up with designer via e-mail to see how she’s coping at home during the advised COVID-19 isolation period and just what she is doing to support.

CT: What are you doing at this time for self-care?

KMD: I’m extremely fortunate that I have a small home gym with a smith machine and a few free weights, as well as a treadmill. I’m doing my best to visit that room and spend at least an hour there per day. I’m also doing lots of self-facials… A great way to use all those masks I bought but never got around to using! My cuticles have never been more moisturized and there isn’t a patch of dry skin not even on my elbows or heels! That’s all physical. For my mental self-care I’m listening to a lot of music… Particularly some throwbacks. I’m also trying my hand at meditation and spending a lot of time with my puppies… They are the best entertainment and fantastic for stress relief. Every day I check in with different friends just to make sure everyone is OK and that everyone knows that they are on my mind and that we will all be enjoying time together sooner rather than later.

CT: What are you watching? Reading? Listening to?

KMD: I’ve been watching some old movies… Keeping it light and funny. Anything with Melissa McCarthy. I also reached way back and watch Three Men and A Baby and Baby Boom. Reading wise to be honest I am reading so many work emails because we are still working on developing our e-commerce that I’m not reading anything outside of that other than news. I try to stay informed from multiple sources and not buy into any kind of media hype or overkill. 

CT: What’s your favourite cocktail/wine?

KMD: I’m a purist. Casa Dragones on the rocks with fresh lime juice. It’s my favourite tequila and it’s always light and refreshing.

CT: Are there any charities that you are supporting in the wake of Covid-19?

KMD: One of the cornerstones of my business is that I give back. I support several animal charities and children’s charities. The one thing I have added to the roster is we are helping to fund 30,000 masks being made in the factory that makes my resort wear and men’s soft goods as well as cashmere throws and scarves. This factory is located in Italy and also manufacturers for Gucci, Saint Laurent, and Armani. I am very close with the owner and I’m in contact with him daily. This is very important to me to support them. 

Picture: Kimberley McDonald’s Instagram with support link to Go Fund Me. You can support here

CT: Is there anything you’re doing to help local businesses?

KMD: Even though our refrigerator and freezer are stocked up we continue to patronize local restaurants. We have also hired a couple of local handyman to do some work on the outside of the house in order to help supplement their loss of income. It’s very important at this time that we think of every little thing that can be done.

CT: What sorts of activities are you doing at home to keep yourself creative and inspired?

KMD: I’m quite fortunate in that I have a home office that is filled with geodes and other rocks that I love to work with. Even just being in their presence lifts my energy.You have to keep in mind that these stones carry pure energy from the earth and have been a part of this planet long before any of us were even a thought. It’s comforting to connect with that energy of perpetual endurance and existence. 

CT: What is something new that you have tried while being home? OR Have you engaged in any new activities/started any new hobbies while being home?

KMD: I’ve tried some experimental baking… Brownies with sour cherry topping and limoncello lemon bars. Not too bad actually. 

CT: Is there any advice on how to stay motivated that you’d like to give other fellow creatives that are WFH at this time?

KMD: I think for creative people it’s very easy to get caught up in your own thoughts and you can quickly go down the rabbit hole. You have to focus on things outside of yourself and choose to keep positive thoughts. This is not an ideal time or situation for anyone and even though that is concerning it’s also in some way comforting. If we focus our collective energy on beating this thing and moving forward with a new attitude and a new appreciation for each other and our planet and all of the wildlife on it I think there could be a silver lining to this dark cloud.

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