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In the week she honours the lives of Ahmud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and George Floyd by releasing a Black Lives Matter PSA on her YouTube channel (here); we catch up with Real Housewives of Atlana star, Marlo Hampton on just how she’s coping during the COVID-19 lockdown isolation. Known for her stylish wardrobe, and with nowhere to go to wear it – just how is she coping with wearing sweatpants and what does she do to keep motivated?

CT: Where are you spending your isolation and who are you isolating with?

MH: I am spending my isolation with 2 nephews, Michael and William, not until the last 2 or 3 weeks have, I started letting a few friends who I know are super safe, come over and. Celebrate with them

CT: Have you learned anything new about yourself or the person you are with since social distancing?

MH: I’ve learnt a lot about myself, never ever want to become a teacher! Michael and William are a whole lot of a handful and I’ve even taken it to email their teachers constantly and tell them I appreciate them and thank them. Being a teacher is an amazing job and I think that it could be recognised more.

CT: What has been the biggest change to your daily routine?

MH: Well Michael, William and I have a full time munty and teacher. The boys are up for breakfast (usually they’d have it at School – well William will, especially if its French Toast day)! Making sure their work is turned in, emailing their teachers to make sure everything is done and graded correctly – just making sure nothing is pulled over me. I am all about my nephews!

CT: What are you doing to decompress?

MH: hmm… what am I doing?! The boys ordered me a foot massage for Mother’s Day, that was amazing and honestly, honestly, a cocktail a day – it’s been an amazing, amazing decompression [laughs].

CT: What have you been watching or reading?

MH: I’ve rarely even watched TV – and honestly rarely watch it. But I have to say, I’ve been watching the real Wendy Williams, Good Morning America (GMA) – It’s just been amazing to be able to sit at home just focusing, even though it’s different seeing it virtual while at home. That’s what I’ve been doing – watching my daytime / morning TV shows.

Left Image: Marlo with friend and TV Host, Wendy Williams

CT: Are there any charities that you are supporting in the wake of Covid-19?

MH: Absolutely! Meals on Wheels, erm I even take the time with Michael and William and take the time out to go through my Instagram and take the comments out and people we see that are in need of food or they need money – we send them an ESTA card (?!)  I think this is great showing the boys how we have to give back. We grocery shop for the families, and we give them all extra. But, Instagram, Meals on Wheels, Atlanta Community Food Bank definitely some of the COVID-19 release funds I’ve helped on.

CT: Is there any advice on how to stay motivated that you’d like to give other people during isolation?

MH: Get up some days, dress up! Feel fabulous, look in the mirror and say some confirmations and affirmations to yourself. Praise yourself, compliment yourself – feel good. Do your nails – I mean I’ve never been the girl to do my own glam, but I can put press on’s [nails] on. I am doing virtual glam lessons also. But just make yourself feel good, just wake up – even put some high heels on around the house! Even my nephews are like “Munty what are you doing?” I tell them, nothing – just dressing up making myself feel good.

CT: What is the first thing you want to do when this is all over?

MH: First thing I honestly want to do – I want to go to a retreat and meditate – you probably think I’ve got a lot of time now, but I don’t to meditate. I am with the boy’s full time I’m busy with them and not really getting intertwined with what Marlo is thinking or what Marlo wants to do or even what god is telling me. I’d love to go somewhere and meditate by myself for a week – I know that’s not going to happen but I’ll book a flight and the boys and I will be off to Florida and then come back – have them with their Nanny and then I’ll be off to go meditate.

CT: You are known for your amazing wardrobe, are you finding it hard to get dressed up and ready or just lounging around in sweats?

MH: You know what, I am absolutely enjoying my sweats [laughs], my sweats have been so relaxing and like I said earlier when I get over the sweats they’ll be something about that inner diva Marlo she’ll call me and knock on the door and be like “HEY, you and these sweats, it’s just not working out come on out put heels and put on some lipstick”. I love the sweats its relaxing but it’s in my bloodline, I still have to be fabulous two or three days I have to be fabulous.

Want to support the charities Marlo mentioned?

Atlanta Community Food Bank –

Meals on Wheels USA –

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