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Francesca Simons is a PR professional based in New York City. The mother of two represents Jewellery brands such as Spinelli Kilcollin, Ashley Zhang, Kimberly McDonald, KatKim, Vram, and Grace Lee. With the world halting to a ‘new normal’ isolation routine, we caught up with Francesca via e-mail to see how she’s coping – and staying sane!

CT: Where are you spending your isolation and who are you isolating with?
FS: I am spending my isolation in New York, in the Upper East Side with my two children, Eli 6, and Rafael 4.
CT: How have you and your two boys coped during isolation?
We have been packed with activities, snacks, and a strict schedule. Puzzles have been a wonderful activity for us to do as a family. So far so good!
CT: Has there been a change to your daily routine?
FS: Absolutely, I am home schooling the kids single handily from 9am -2pm. I have always worked from home; this part remains the same.
CT: I see on your Instagram; you are volunteering as well? What are you doing and how do you fit that in the day?
FS: During the days I make calls to seniors, to check in with them and to see that they have food and any medications that they need, I spend 40 mins doing this throughout the day, spaced out. I will send 10-15 pizza’s once a week to the ICU units at local hospitals. No time is involved for this. I worked at Meals on Wheels packing boxes of food for seniors during the weekend. Since the situation worsened and due to the severity, I have been unable to continue my work there unfortunately.

CT: Wait, you are this busy – how do you even de-stress?!

FS: De-stress, come again? No time for that. Given the circumstances, and what other people are dealing with, and their suffering, I feel I have no right to be stressed. Many have it a lot worse than I.
CT: What has been the most surprising thing about this whole experience for you?

FS: The amount you can accomplish from your home!
CT: As a jewellery pro, you must have a large collection! What pieces from your brands are you wearing right now?

FS: Currently wearing KATKIM Cerre Hoops, Grace Lee resin and Demi rings,KATKIM Crescendo Flare ring (bottom, right), Ashley Zhang Herringbone necklace, Cartier Love ring, Spinelli Kilcollin huggie and more!

CT: How do you clean it all while under isolation? Any tips?
FS: Totally easy, I spend 30-45 mins a week just taking dish soap and a soft toothbrush, gently scrubbing, and that is all!

CT: What is the first thing you want to do when this is all over?

FS: Go to Soul Cycle for a double back to back class!

CT: How do you see the market go when COVID-19 is finally over?

FS: Hard to predict, but it will never be the same again, but I firmly believe in change. Change is a good thing.

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