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Cassie Lomas is one of the UK’s leading makeup artists forging a successful and highly respected career in the world of Fashion, Music and Celebrities over the past 21 years. The regularly in demand mother of 2 is known for her signature flawless iridescent and modern pretty aesthetic. But with her two businesses temporarily closed during the advised UK lockdown, just how is the pro artist coping and what is she doing to keep sane? I caught up with her via e-mail to find out more.

CT: Where are you spending your isolation and who are you isolating with?

CL: I’m isolating with my Husband and children at our home in Manchester, so we are lucky to have lots to keep us occupied. We managed to buy a piano and a hot tub just before lockdown, so we have tried to make it as fun as possible. I want the children to have happy memories of this time, without feeling anxious, so that is our priority. 

CT: Have you learned anything new about yourself or the person you are with since social distancing?

CL: It sounds so cliché doesn’t it, but I really have learnt a lot about myself since spending time out of my usual daily routine. Although, having no communication with people has made me realise that I actually love being on my own, going for a walk or just having time to listen to a podcast or read.  I’ve also learnt that home schooling 2 kids of different ages is extremely stressful and going to work is a breeze. I’ll stick to teaching Makeup.

CT: What has been the biggest change to your daily routine?

CL: Having time to look after myself is the biggest change. I am normally up, doing the school run and straight to work but I’ve started running and eating well, cooking more, reading more, taking up hobbies and watching Netflix. My usual routine is work, sleep, work.

CT: What are you doing to decompress?

CL: We are all starting new hobbies that we haven’t done before like exercising together, playing piano, learning new art skills etc. Luckily, we have been blessed with a lot of sunshine, so the daily walk or bike ride really helps keep us all calm.

CT: What have you been watching or reading?

CL: I’ve been reading Atomic Habits by James Clear. Trying to just make myself 1% better every day. It seems to be working! I have also been watching Ozark, I never usually watch tv so it’s nice to have something to look forward to at the end of the day.

CT: Are there any charities that you or your business are supporting in the wake of Covid-19?

CL: Both my businesses are shut temporarily so I have been helping to support others charitable journeys, mainly ones raising money for the NHS which is obviously at the forefront of everyone’s minds at the moment.

CT: Is there any advice on how to stay motivated that you’d like to give other fellow creatives that are WFH at this time?

CL: I think doing a job you love keeps you motivated so keep working on ideas, researching and planning for what exciting things lie ahead. It’s also important just taking a minute to think, recoup and practice self-care. The world is having a little break, we should too, that is my advice. I’ve had time to launch my new makeup brushes [image, right], so I’ve been working on the website and designing marketing material. It has allowed me to stay creative, I’m excited as its kind of a new venture and it has kept me connected with people.

CT: What is the first thing you want to do when this is all over?

CL: It’s really difficult being away from Family and friends so shopping and drinks will be on the agenda.

CT: What has been the most surprising thing about this whole experience for you?

CL: I think it is the most surreal thing, watching the world come to halt. You could never in a million years think that we would all be put in lockdown. I’ve been fortunate that I have not had anyone close to me fall ill, that has been a blessing and allowed me to enjoy spending time with my husband and children. 

CT: Are you finding it hard to get dressed, up and ready or lounging around in sweats?

CL: I’m in gym gear most days because I have started jogging, which I love but I try to make sure we are up, dressed and ready for school days. Occasionally we have a lounging day but that’s part of our normal weekend routine every now and again so it would be rude not to.

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