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Meet, Farah Kabir and Sarah Welsh, Co-Founders of HANX Condoms. The first Condom brand designed by Women, for Women in mind. 

CT: Ladies, tell me more about the HANX brand?

A brand that empowers women to confidently take charge of their sexual wellbeing, HANX have created a chic condom that fits perfectly in your handbag or beside drawer.

CT: Why did you decide to quit your day job(s) and build the HANX brand?

We were fed up with the choices of condoms out there, the fact that they are targeting men and failing to think about the women in what is often a male/female scenario. The brand is for stylish savvy women who want to have a say in products that go inside their bodies, where they come from and how they make us feel. HANX is here to make a positive impact on so many women (and men) around the world and encourage us to think differently bout sexual health.

CT: What does HANX stand for?

Empowerment, sustainability and positive sexual wellness.

We came up with the name as we always said “hanky panky” growing up!

CT: What makes your product unique?

Our condoms combine all the best things, packaged into one neat packet. We are vegan certified (no animal by-products come near HANX), use 100% natural and fair trade latex (sustainability and being natural are important to us), are clean scented (no tacky latex or clinical smell on opening) and ultra-thin. We offer a subscription service, as well as being sold in places easily accessible. The go-to condom.

CT: Is it true that you are the first females to create a condom brand and how does that feel?

Correct, we are the first females in Europe to create condoms empowering women. It feels… strange. But exciting! A product that generally goes on a man, but often ends up inside a woman, we believe that women should have a say in the matter. Not only are we having more sexual partners, but also we are coming off hormones and wanting to keep it natural. Our insight and research shows that women feel that they should be the ones carrying condoms.

CT: No matter what, it is an awkward subject and product to purchase, how do you tackle it and what is your ethos?

Absolutely. And we are here to make that step simpler and more comfortable for everyone involved. Having a subscription that discreetly delivers condoms to your door, and can be amended at any point, is definitely not awkward.

Not everyone wants to shout about his or her sexual health, but we should all be able to control protecting our sexual health and future confidently.

Our ethos is all about empowering people to feel confidant doing so, and with this comes positive emotions.

CT; Given the stigma around condoms and the use of, your product has a sleek design and with discreet packing – why was this important compared to the competitors on the market?

Like with any product, you want to feel good buying and carrying it, and ultimately using it. Having a bright red packet that feels clinical or comical definitely does not do this. Our premium and chic packets do. Everything from the look and feel of the outer design, the foil and the smell and touch of the condoms make the whole experience much more enjoyable. We should feel good caring for our health after all.

CT: Why was vegan friendly important?

There is a huge demand for transparency in ingredients and where possible minimal chemicals. As part of following this demand, it seemed natural to avoid using any animal products if we didn’t have to. At HANX we do not think animals, or by-products should come anywhere near a condom.

CT: What is next for HANX – Do you have new product developments in the pipeline?

It’s an exciting time for HANX and we have been very grateful for the huge amount of success in a short space of time! We certainly do have new developments thanks to our loyal base of customers who share feedback, shaping the future of our brand and products but sadly cannot share just yet! Keep your eyes peeled!

CT: Where can we purchase HANX from?

At where we offer one off purchases and subscriptions, and also at Coco de Mer. Also keep up to date with the HANX community on Instagram @hanxofficial and Twitter @hanx_official.

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